Press Release: Procurement specialists Procurement Services and Kloepfel Benelux become part of AB&C Groep | AB&C Groep


Press Release: Procurement specialists Procurement Services and Kloepfel Benelux become part of AB&C Groep


Amsterdam, May 1 2024 Professional service provider AB&C Groep is further strengthening its high-end services in the procurement domain with the arrival of industry peers Procurement Services and Kloepfel Benelux. AB&C Groep thus expands the cost optimization and spend management practice and also adds in-depth expertise in technical procurement and PR procurement. Procurement specialists AevesBenefit, Het NIC, proQure and Procumulator are already part of the AB&C Groep.


Natural step

Procurement Services and Kloepfel Benelux will join forces with proQure and Procumulator. The joining of forces is a natural step as the companies are complementary in terms of clients, expertise and propositions. Together they offer – side by side with AevesBenefit – a broader portfolio of services to clients in all sectors. Procurement Services, proQure and Procumulator focus on ‘non-product related’ (NPR) procurement such as ICT, logistics, HR, Finance, technology, marketing, facilities and energy. Kloepfel Benelux focuses on the procurement of ‘direct material’ such as steel, plastics, semi-finished products and other Bill of Material (BOM) parts for industry.


Part of international group

The international consultancy EPSA Group acquired AB&C Groep last year. Procurement Services and Kloepfel Benelux from Houten were both already part of EPSA. The companies therefore became part of the same group. AB&C Groep and EPSA have the strategic mission to help organizations grow and improve their effectiveness through in-depth knowledge of procurement, operations, finance & technology.



Robin van Zijtveld will be the managing director of the new combination. Peter Smit remains responsible for the Kloepfel Benelux division. The current directors of Procurement Services, Martijn Heijmans and André Seltenrijch, will remain involved in an advisory role with AB&C Groep and EPSA in the future.


Robin van Zijtveld, managing director proQure and Procumulator:

“The joining of forces in the field of cost optimization and spend management is an important step to further strengthen our procurement services and benefit from the knowledge potential of the various companies. We broaden and deepen our service portfolio to our clients and offer interesting career perspectives for our employees. We do this under the trusted, professional auspices of AB&C Groep and in collaboration with all other (procurement) expertise that is secured at other companies, such as AevesBenefit and Boer & Croon. I have a lot of confidence in this new combination, which gives us a unique proposition in the market, and I look forward to lead this enthusiastic and entrepreneurial group of more than 70 procurement professionals.”


Claire Leussink-Nies, CEO AB&C Groep:

“I’m very happy that we can further strengthen our position in procurement services with high-quality service providers and specialists. This new combination will enable us to achieve even better results for our clients. The arrival of Kloepfel Benelux also further expands our Product Related (PR) practice; with all their expertise in technical procurement, cost engineering, working capital management and supply chain management, we see a valuable addition to the services of proQure and Procumulator, but also to the procurement transformation practice of AevesBenefit.”



About AB&C Groep

AB&C Groep facilitates high-quality business service providers and offers a full-service proposition to clients to help them grow and improve the effectiveness of their organizations. In addition to the above companies, the AB&C Groep also includes: AevesBenefit, Het NIC, Aeves Interim Management, NewDawn, Boer & Croon, YESS and Vanderkruijs. The services focus on consultancy, interim management, outsourcing, digital transformation, executive search and talent development in the public, semi-public and private domain. AB&C Groep is the market leader in procurement and contract management and has a strong position in transformation consultancy, executive search, interim management, PMO and project & program management in all sectors. More than 650 employees work within the group.


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About EPSA Group

EPSA focuses on creating and realizing sustainable performance. EPSA Group is a specialist in business performance consulting and the essential partner for any organization that wants to improve its business operations, performance and profitability. With an international footprint, more than 3,000 employees in 35 countries and its own integrated digital solution, EPSA is the only party that is active worldwide through seven key complementary areas of expertise: Transformation & Digital, Procurement, Marketplace, Innovation, Energy & Environment, Tax & Finance. EPSA’s teams are customer-oriented and committed to performance and efficiency, with a tailor-made and smart approach, adapted to the specific needs of each organization. With its people-oriented culture, EPSA is committed to ambitious social, societal and environmental policies through its “EPSA for Good” program.


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