Welcome to AB&C Groep

Welcome to
AB&C Groep

AB&C’s mission is to help customers grow and improve the effectiveness of their organizations along three mission-critical themes: 

  • Cost optimization;
  • Business transformation and change management; and
  • Control of the operation.

Our top brands make this possible. Our brands are: AevesBenefit, Aeves Interim Management, Het NIC, Procumulator, NewDawn, Boer & Croon, YESS, Vanderkruijs and proQure. 

We always exceed our customers’ expectations. Above all, we achieve this by providing a high-quality, full-service proposition by facilitating high-quality business service providers. This is underpinned by our deep expertise in various areas, including consultancy, secondment, interim management, outsourcing, recruitment & sourcing, digital transformation, executive search and talent development in the public, semi-public and private domain. We are the market leader in procurement and contract management in all sectors and have a strong position in transformation consultancy, interim management (tactical and strategic), PMO and project and program management in all sectors. We seek to serve our customers through customer journeys, where they can make use of all the expertise our different labels have to offer. We are typically deeply integrated into our customers’ organizations and have extensive knowledge of their needs. As a result, we have a highly loyal and recurring customer base. 

AB&C Groep is a strong platform with a proven track record in the integration and growth of autonomously initiated and acquired companies. Its strengths are retaining the core values, DNA and culture of the acquired brands while facilitating growth. Our principle? “Decentral-first”. We facilitate our companies with a strong Shared Service Centre, but leave the culture intact. More so, we strengthen it wherever possible. Within the AB&C Groep, it is always ‘fun to work’. 8.4 is the grade our people give us for the cohesion and atmosphere within our companies. 

We are motivated to do business in a socially responsible way. Together, we take responsibility for the impact of our business operations on people, the environment and society. After all, our decisions today affect the world of today and tomorrow. With our central CSR policy, we ensure (partly based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Diversity Charter of SER Diversity at Work) attention to many themes such as labor participation, sustainability, social good, socially responsible procurement, diversity and inclusion. These themes and our drive are woven into the DNA of our companies. We like to make an impact. How? Our CSR Coordinator would be happy to tell you all about it. 

Hoogoorddreef 5
1101 BA Amsterdam
+31(0)20 311 6499

  • AevesBenefit is the procurement agency for Consulting, Recruitment & Selection, Secondment, and Talent Development.  It considers only the best for its clients good enough. AevesBenefit leads the way and drives developments in the procurement market. With more than 250 professionals, partners and customers, AevesBenefit is the beating heart of the procurement profession. 

    Looking for maximum peace of mind in procurement and contract management?


  • Aeves Interim Management is the consultancy firm for your capacity issues within the fields of ICT, Engineering, and Project Management. With the best professionals and talents who understand their field, know what is going on and give meaning to new insights. 

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  • The NIC was founded 100 years ago – in 1921 – as a procurement centre from the government. Today, with over 120 employees, the NIC is a successful service provider in the field of procurement projects, with a strong reputation in specific market sectors: regional and local governments. The NIC offers integral services, with its own tooling and working methods, from advice to implementation, and is also involved regionally through five offices. 

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  • Procumulator is the professional partner in the initial procurement of non-trade goods and services. With its strong position in contract management and procurement outsourcing, Procumulator delivers structural savings for customers by bundling volumes, selecting supplier(s) with the best conditions in the market and solid contracts between customers and suppliers. A team of experienced buyers ensures the best agreements with a balanced combination of price and quality. 

    Looking for a professional partner for NPR Procurement? 


  • NewDawn is a specialist in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) focused on automating processes and operational work within organisations (with RPA, Conversational Automation, Intelligent Document Processing and Process Mining). NewDawn has a strong platform and offers solutions to clients in the field of digital transformation. Think purchase order processing, inventory management, intelligent invoice processing, email automation, spend analytics, benchmarking, and much more. 

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  • Boer & Croon helps executives and organisations with solutions to management issues. The team of over 150 Partners, Managers and Young Executives stands for decisiveness and lasting results. The end result is always more important than the process. That is why Boer & Croon combines the accumulated knowledge from the past with new, pragmatic forms of cooperation. With decisiveness and, above all, teamwork. The people of Boer & Croon are in fact not aloof consultants, but inspired team members.  This collaboration with clients makes Boer & Croon’s unique approach successful. Thus, the company has been a catalyst of progress and transformation since 1973. 

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  • proQure, specialist in procurement. 

    proQure specialises in professionalising the procurement of non-product related (NPR) categories, also known as non-trade goods and services, for its customers. proQure works with its customers, from a wide range of sectors, on thoughtful procurement processes and creating insight into the entire NPR procurement process. From a sharp analysis of total spend to (re)negotiating and contracting suppliers. In this way, proQure helps its customers get a grip on spend, suppliers and contracts. proQure stands for strategic procurement choices and bottom-line results. 

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